Do midwife’s travel?

This might be a dumb question but I’m still in highschool and I think I’m considering being a midwife. But I wanted to know if I have to travel even if I don’t want to? I heard that some midwifes travel.

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    You are more likely to travel, at least around the county, if you are in a rural area. If you're in a city, you will likely be making house calls, at least in a given part of the city.

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    Many midwives are based in a hospital maternity unit, so wouldn't travel.

    Others are community midwives, so visit mothers in their homes, or at outreach centres.

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    If you are talking about US, midwifery is not legal in just over half of states - no license, no practice. In states where it is legal (or some other countries), you may have to cover a fairly broad area to get enough patients, but you cannot live very far from your patients. As for traveling midwives, due to legal & licensing restrictions, do not expect to travel.

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    As another poster says, you do need to learn to spell. An apostrophe is added to a noun only to form the possessive case. That is something you should have learned by the time you were six years old. The plural of wife is wives. Do you have real teachers at your school?

    Some midwives travel and some do not. My three children were all born at an out of hospital birthing centre in NYC staffed entirely by midwives. They were awesome, I cannot praise them highly enough.

    But some midwives do home births. They obviously would need to travel within the district. Others work at hospitals. This is a vocation, difficult hours, not great pay, hard work but very rewarding.

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