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What is wrong with my thinking process its?

some important details real quick so you can understand the situation

I've only been in two actual relationships in my 20 years of existence. Ive known the second for nearly two years now and she's the love of my life and the son to my mother. She's everything to me but I broke us apart one time and I'm afraid of if happening again. I have never been cheated on in my life but for some reason I always have the paranoid feeling every day that she's going to cheat. I have anxiety and I believe that's what's causing these feelings. The girl hasn't done anything to make me think she would cheat but I always assume her intentions are bad and its driving me crazy, deep down I know she would never cheat on me but there just something in me that wont let that thought go. I was reading up on O.C.D and it sounds similar to what I do but mine isn't physical its mental. Like she can say "I'm going out to shop" and ill automatically assume she cheating. You can apply that with any situation its gotten bad and I don't know what to do because I'm not even sure what's causing that much paranoia. When she says something that "triggers" these thoughts of cheating I will think about it for hours and it makes the rest of my day horrible and hers too becuz I can't keep my mouth shut about it when I have these false thoughts. After I get over this episode I will feel guilty for feeling that way and making a big deal about something that didn't even happen. Can someone tell me what this might be?

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  • I'm sorry for what you are going through.

    Your situation sounds like what I am going through. I think that the best thing you can do is have communication in

    your relationship. If you honestly keep feeling this way about her then maybe you two should not necessarily break-

    up but separate, see how you two feel about each other then. If you still keep feeling this way, you probably should

    find someone new, you should feel your greatest with the person you love, not your worst

    With me, I am a believer in God and like to turn to him for all my problems. When you turn to God, you will see how

    great your life can be. God is huge and you'd be surprised what he can do for you. Try praying to God about your

    situation. When it comes to God, prayer is the best you can do. When you pray to God, be detailed. Try reading the

    bible, going to church. Here is a church that I go to-Check out the bible studies.

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    Jealousy is a disease! You are highly insecure.

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