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If you shoot a bullet into the air, does it come back down?


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    Yes; of course and people do get killed from this sometimes. That's why it's not smart to shoot off guns in the air like you see sometimes in movies and television or sometimes will see at wedding celebrations in some of your countries in SWA.

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    Yes, unless you achieve orbit by escaping the gravity of the Earth.

    It goes up, stops and then drops down if shot vertically at 90 degrees off plumb.

    If shot horizontally it drops down to ground some distance from the gun.

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    Of course it does. Every object close enough to our planet is effected by its gravity, which will attempt to pull it in like a magnet.

    A bullet shot into the sky will continue to climb for as long as it has enough kinetic energy to resist gravity pulling it back down. Just like a climbing airplane. Once the kinetic energy is depleted, the bullet will begin to plummet back to the ground. Pulled back ever faster down by gravity, it will accelerate again until it reaches the ground or hits something. That something could be a building, a tree, a car or even a person.

    That's why shooting into the air, especially in densely populated areas is a bad idea.

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    Yes, it will eventually lose its speed and energy because of gravity and fall back down.

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    Did they not teach the concept of gravity where you come from? Have you never heard 'what goes up must come down? Have you never watched Mythbusters?

    If it didn't come down, what would you think it would do? Go into orbit?

    Yes, it comes down.

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    Yes, and it comes back down as fast as it went up.

    It's dangerous to shoot a bullet into the air.

    If you must shoot anyplace random, shoot into the ground. You know it won't hit anybody there.

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    No. The cloud guy grabs it with his big white hand!

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