haha relationship advice lol?

I'm 16 going into my junior year and I've never done jack **** with a boy and every time ive liked one it never really panned out and i think it's probably because I'm terrified of dating - I want to be in a relationship but kissing and meeting parents and breaking up with someone are all very intimidating things and I convince myself to back off any dude I'm into because I'm a pussy.

So, I like a guy now - not a lot but I'm definitely intrigued and I want to pursue him but I'm still scared and not completely comfortable with pushing myself and being brave in order to make **** happen.


I really want to be in a relationship and I think that there's a large possibility that if I found the right guy I wouldn't be terrified but I want experience and honestly a fling sounds great. I'm not sure I could really love this guy or ever find him worth it to scare the **** out of me and I don't think I care?

My question is - should I be pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to get relationship experience, pursue a guy I'm into, and have a little fun or should I be waiting until I am more comfortable with all of it?

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I think the best advice I can give is to take things slowly and move at your own pace. Everyone moves in and out of relationships at different rates and if this guy is genuine about you then he will have no problems in moving at the same pace as you. What you need to remember is that a lot of the occurrences you refer to in your question cannot be planned and just happen; they are part of life's experiences and although terrifying, can be managed. Just take things day by day and take baby steps with this guy; things will happen on their own and if its meant to be then its meant to be. I hope I helped :)

    Source(s): Do you think you feel this way because you are a little shy when it comes to guys?
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