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Why isn’t this girl trying to get my trousers off?

I complimented her breasts (Double Ds) and offered to show off my pecker to her in exchange for some fun while I grinned smugly to show off my dominance. She was disgusted and slammed her heel in my family jewels and called me a “s**t-stained wannabe ****boy” and left. I don’t get it, because I don’t mean to brag or anything but I have been told I am quite the hunk throughout my whole life, with my smooth, acne-free skin, 6-pack, large pecks, crisp dirty blonde hair, extremely deep blue eyes, perfect tan, strong white perfect teeth, and my 8-inch dong everyone at the high school I go to knows about. I’m also the son of a wealthy business owner, my life is full of carefree and reckless days with my buddies, driving a 2018 model BMW M240I Convertible, getting drunk constantly, etc. I really don’t get why she wouldn’t date me since I’m nearly perfect

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    You really wish you were the person you described huh? Lol.. but all in all, cool story bro!

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