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Is Martha Hart really erasing Owen Hart’s legacy by preventing him to be inducted into the HOF?

Fans and wrestlers alike have said Martha Hart is erasing Owen Hart’s legacy by not allowing him to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Owen Hart doesn’t need to be inducted into the HOF in order to keep his legacy alive. People can watch his matches on the network, listen to the crazy ribs he pulled on people, and watch his DVD.

Rick Rude’s legacy wasn’t erased before he was inducted into the HOF. Vader’s legacy isn’t being erased. Bruiser Brody’s legacy isn’t being erased.

Owen Hart doesn’t need an induction to keep his legacy alive. Martha doesn’t want WWE to profit off of him. Depending on what his kids think of the situation, it looks like Owen Hart will never be inducted into the HOF.


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    I think Lifeisaride has been screwing with question categories since I blocked them, mine have been getting moved as well.

    Rick Rude and Vader may have not been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame however content could freely be used featuring them whereas Owen Hart's legacy is held hostage by Martha Patterson even Bret 'Hitman' Hart said the previous Owen Hart DVD that WWE released was lackluster due to the restrictions Doc Patterson has enforced on the company.

    Bruiser Brody was a POS who added absolutely nothing to professional wrestling, similar to 2pac or The Notorious B.I.G. if they weren't murdered they would all just be forgotten. I don't get the hype that is behind Bruiser Brody, the guy was an unreasonable Dick to everyone yet people want to treat him like some sort of Professional Wrestling martyr.

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