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Is it safe for me to wash the dishes?

My sister has chickenpox and she recently ate and put her dish and fork and spoon in the sink and I have to wash the dishes since my parents are away for a while. I don’t want to risk leaving it up to my mom since she has a weak immune system. I don’t know how to wash her plate without getting infections from touching the saliva from her spoon. I remember I had a couple of chickenpox and Tdap vaccines in the past and even though that true I am scared to get it though. I never had chickenpox in the past. I don’t know how to clean her spoons and forks the proper way. Will it still be safe if I use those blue gloves? How long would I have to wash the utensils and dish out in order for all of the infection to be gone?

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    you should be fine because you would be washing away the germs

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    Washing the dishes is not particularly hazardous. Your hands get washed with them.

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