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Who won the 1942 FIFA World Cup?

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    Excellent question! The 1942 FIFA World Cup was an obscure celebration of what was the 4th installment of FIFA’s world tournament. Controversy shrouded this event from its inception since the hosting bid was won by Nazi Germany. Due to the controversial nature of this tournament and some of its controversial and inconclusive natures, the FIFA Committee chose to distance themselves from this tournament.

    There was a lot of speculation in the months leading to the 1942 tournament that it was going to be cancelled at the last minute. But no, Hitler reassured that the tournament would be a go. However, many countries refused to partake which led many to dub this as the Axis World Cup because it featured mainly European nations that were sympathetic or neutral towards the Axis Powers and of course the Axis Powers themselves. Only 3 countries outside of Europe partook in this World Cup and one of them was Japan which was an Axis Power.

    The tournament featured a total of 12 teams which to this day is the least amount of teams entered to compete in a FIFA World Cup. Like the first World Cup of 1930, the 12 teams were divided into 4 groups. Group 1 consisted of Nazi Germany (the host nation), Switzerland and Independent State of Croatia. In a shocker, the favorite Nazi Germany was eliminated after defeating Croatia 4-0 the Germans lost against the Swiss team 2-1. The Swiss also defeated Croatia by the same score of 2-1 to gather 4 points and move on. Group 2 was considered the Group of Death which featured reigning World Cup champions Italy, Romania and Hungary. This group also featured another stunning surprise as the Italians were eliminated by the group winners Hungary. Group 3 featured Argentina, Slovak Republic and a last minute squad assembled by Japan. Japan lost both games by disastrous defeats. Slovak Republic ended up eliminating the Argentines 2-1. Group 4 featured Chile, Spain and Vichy France with Spain advancing to the semis.

    In the semi-finals, Hungary defeated Switzerland and the Slovak Republic went on to the finals. During the finals, a lot of controversies occurred such as allegations that the SS bullied both the Hungarians and the Slovaks during half-time telling them to hurry up and finish the game because Germany had to resume their war efforts. Also, the match went scoreless and historians allege that an equivalent of almost 35 minutes of stoppage time were played until Hungary managed to score their winning goal. Hungary won the match 1-0. However, due to the controversial nature of this match and the tournament in general the FIFA organization has refused to credit Hungary with a World Cup win.

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    Because of the waar there was no world cup in 1942.

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    There was NO competition during the Second World War years.

    1930 1934 1938 1950 were the then current games.

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