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Why do people need to be colder than they would want to be if it were cold outside when it's hot outside, and vice versa?

Average temperature in the winter in LA is about 68. This is the temperature that people will turn the heater on for.

But in the summertime, people will set their AC to 65!

What?? Why?

I try to keep the AC at around 80 and use that with fans, just so I'm not dying of heat, but still somewhat familiar, and thus, tolerant, to temperatures outside. But my roommates insist on being luxuriously cold with the AC, and, thus, even less adapted to outside temperatures.

And what really baffles me is that it's an even colder temperature than what they would tolerate in the winter. It doesn't make sense! Why do they do this?

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    Dr Karl covered this well, l think he said

    Even if it’s 36 Celsius and the persons

    Normal operating temperature is also 36

    The temperature differs as you get closer

    To the core which may be hotter or cooler

    Therefore this might be why folk need to cool

    down even on a cold day because their core

    temperature could be higher, while your core

    temp could be cooler, this would be one of

    many explanations to explain this phenomena.

    Very best wishes for your future


    Course:) Dr Karl.

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