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International Travel to Mexico as a Minor?

So basically, I want to go with my friend and his dad to Cancun for a week. My parents would not be able to go so I would fly with my friend and his dad. Would there be any problems trying to cross into Mexico? I am 14, have a valid US passport, valid Spanish passport, and I also am an experienced traveler.

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    you'll need a notarized letter signed by both your parents giving you permission to travel. It should specifically name the adult who is going to be with you. They're very fussy about this in Mexico because a lot of parents who take kids they don't have custody of try to go to Mexico. Even if they don't ask you for the letter when you board the plane to Cancun, hold on to it because they always check when you board the plane back in Mexico. Trust me on this- I had to have the letter to take my daughter to Mexico.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    (I also am an experienced traveler).... really???? If this is true then you also know the answer to your question. But I don't take first questions that doesn't sound very real as serious questions as most are just trolls and we never hear from them again.

    • David2 years agoReport

      No, I am not a troll. I haven't found anything online saying if it would be possible. I travel a ton but never internationally without my parents (or teachers). I think it would be alright.. right? Before I book anything this is just something I need to know...

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