New glasses prescription: Can change in axis affect vision?

I was comparing my old and new prescription and wondered if this was the reason why it feels "off" despite having worn my glasses for a week to adjust. The change seems more drastic for the axis in my right eye:

Old: (R) -5.75 -2.50x011

(L) -4.50 -3.00x174

New*: (R) -6.00 -2.50x005

(L) -4.75 -3.00x175

*was a dilated eye exam

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  • 2 years ago
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    Yup, on a - 2.50 cyl power, 6 degrees change can make a difference alright. The axis is like the " fine tuning" on a radio or old tv.

    The 1 degree change in the left won't have any effect , but the right lens will.

    If you are going to get used to that change, there SHOULD be an improvement by now.

    Give it a few more days then call them back if there is no improvement, and tell them you just aren't comfortable with the vision in the right eye. They may have to redo that right lens with an axis change.

    It's possible your axis SHOULD be 005 , but you have been wearing it at 11 for so long , your brain has gotten used to deciphering the image that way and it can be very difficult to change. In cyl powers that high, it's almost always better to stick with what was working.

    I bring up the cyl power because that is the power that is placed in the meridian the axis says. If you only had sphere power with no astigmatism, there would be no axis.

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