I kissed a girl and I could feel her saliva smell, I am so sick. I like her, but Idk what is wrong?

Hello, I am first of all sorry for the messy question. Long story short, I am an extremely nice guy, and finally managed to meet someone like me. I do not know yet how far we will go. However, she asked for a kiss, and when she kissed me, I could smell saliva, and I remember it having a similar smell when someone is sick. However, she is hygienic, and I got no idea what happened but when she asked more, I had to let her do the work because I felt so damn sick. We may meet very soon again, please, I know that I may need to talk with her about this if it persists, but help me get over this issue if you can, it is really upsetting me. PS: I did not eat only like 5 hours before, and was also feeling bad from some food, so it surely also played a role. Is this normal? What do you guys say? Thank you in advance for the answers.

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    2 years ago


  • 2 years ago

    Are you sure the sick taste wasn't because you had been feeling unwell?

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