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How big are servings usually overseas?

If my family goes to a mid price range restaurant very seldom are we all able to finish our food, despite how hungry we are. Especially in restaurants like Olive Garden where you also get bread and salad on top of a huge plate or bowl full of food. So we usually end up taking a third home for leftovers. But doggie bags aren't common overseas so how big are usual meals?

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    3 months ago

    the UK Australia use 9-inch plates the USA use 13-inch plates  in the USA I always ask for a child's portion but still pay full price most of Europe use 11 inch plates the Russian duck is tough In berlin the food was great and good Prices a bit expensive compared to Australia But i was on HolidayMost of Europe eat what the locals eat and the Prices are Fair and the food is good quality an Omlet and chips in France is Great steaks and vegetables in Holland the meat is cooked just Right

    No matter what country I was in i went out of my way to avoid the tourist areas when eating out to expensive and too american

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    In Australia you pay a fortune for very little.

  • Zapata
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    2 years ago

    That all depends where you mean by "overseas" !

    I am British, and most of us are frequently astonished by the very large size of standard portions in the US, and would describe them as unnecessarily over-generous.... and more than a little unhealthy. I have eaten in places in Boston and New York where a single portion could easily satisfy two or even three people.

    Here, and in the rest of Europe, restaurants are regarded mainly for their quality of food and the experience they offer...not by the sheer amount of food you get for your money.

    Most British restaurants will happily provide a doggie bag if you really want one, but they are not common here because it is hard for us to understand why anyone would go to the effort and expense of eating in a restaurant if you then don't eat all you have ordered then and there. It seems pretty wasteful and even a little rude. If you want to eat half of it at home, then make it at home.

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    2 years ago

    usa! uk rip-off-gb

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    The portions served in the USA are twice the size of servings in Europe. I'm from the UK but I've been to the USA and was served two tuna steaks, each of which was twice the size of what you'd get for a meal in the UK. I took one of them back to our hotel for my lunch the next day.

    It's seems to be some sort of point of honour in a US restaurant to serve more than the person can eat.

    The other side of the coin is that food in US restaurants is of very low quality. It's quantity rather than quality. You will be amazed how good the food is in Europe.

  • 2 years ago

    having eaten in US restaurants, meals in Britain aren't as big so less food gets wasted

  • well in Portugal they are not that big but you would be facing up to the same situation in Mongolia.

    In Portugal it can be an exceptionally tough steak over saucer size and a fried egg and not much of any salad at all and a corner of a loaf, you can buy plastic containers in a shop even as a discounted set or even it could be paper bags for food are sold

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    My memory of eating in Spain is that they serve enormous portions of meat; otherwise, in Europe and Asia generally, portions are more modest. We were amused recently to see that a party of Americans in Pizza Express finished their pizzas and then ordered another one each! For us in the UK, one pizza is usually enough.

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    That depends upon which country you live in.

    Olive Garden does have a few branches in the UK serving overpriced mediocre food, but the UK branches certainly don’t stand out as serving huge portions.

    It’s pretty much only in the Americas that it’s usual to get served enormous portions with the expectation that diners will not manage to finish. As a result, diners, particularly in the USA, tend to judge restaurants by quantity and not quality. Much as I love the USA, I always look forward to returning to the much better quality and variety I get in Europe and the UK.

    So no, outside North, and to an extent South, America, portions tend to be sufficient instead of gargantuan. Although sadly the UK is definitely moving towards supersizing and quality or quantity and I’ve started to see signs of that throughout Germany as well.

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