How to report a person operating an illegal auto shop/dealer out of his house?

This person sold my friend a car that had a leak and he said he fixed it but when we bought it we realized it wasn't fixed and we thought it was a power steering leak so all the guy did was change the hose but then we found out that it was the rickenbacker so we told the guy , either fix it, or be reported to the city. And he doesnt pick up now.

What does the city exactly do anyway?

We currently have the number to the city, and my friend is waiting until Monday.

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  • 2 years ago

    Obviously nobody here knows what zoning laws are and that's what I was looking for. All the answers were useless and I will not give anyone a best answer. Stop answering questions in this section of you dont know what I was talking about. Yes , it's illegal to sell cars and operate a mechanic shop out of a residential home without a license. You guys really do suck and I regret ever wasting my time posting here.

  • 2 years ago

    It is not illegal to sell a car, out of his house - garage. I doubt very much that the car was in his house. People sell their used cars all the time. Once you purchase it, generally, needed repairs are your problem. If he promised to fix the leak and he thought he fixed it, then too bad. He probably doesn't know how to fix it or maybe he never intended to do it in the first place. Did he give you a warranty? If not, tough luck. Used cars are generally purchased as is. The city does not interfere or have anything to do with such sales. There is nothing they can or will do. If you have a warranty that he is not honoring, sue him. If not, you got what you paid for.

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  • lucy
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    2 years ago

    For (any) used car that anyone buys be it a dealer of private is AS IS. So it sounds like he (relied) on this guy that something was fixed but it was not So he has a problem, since he/she should have had (another) mechanic check this car out (before he bought it or paid for it) to see if in fact this person fixed it or not.

    Illegal or not, but look up (as is) laws and most likely see they have no recourse.

  • 2 years ago

    A Google search for rickenbacker returns an airport in Columbus, OH, a guitar manufacturer, and a sweater company. It doesn't return ANY car related results.

    Despite the above, I will pretend I believe you and answer your question as stated.

    1. Unless he is selling cars AS A BUSINESS, he doesn't even need a license to sell vehicles he owns. Even if a license is required, he MAY have a dealer's license for the address of his home.

    2. If he isn't acting as a dealer, he has ZERO legal liability for problems with the car unless he LIED about its condition, which is difficult to prove.

    3. How the city will act on your complaint depends on which city is involved. It could range from not doing anything, to a major investigation.

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  • 2 years ago

    It isn't illegal to sell a car to someone.

  • 2 years ago

    The seller may not be breaking any laws. its not illegal to sell cars per se, but if they are doing so a lot without a dealer's license they would be in violation. And you can have a dealers license without needing a commercial lot. Its also legal to fix cars on your property, but if you are doing it a lot that does require a license and commercial space. That being said, you have no proof the seller is breaking the law which makes any report sort of silly.

    But if revenge is sweet, you can report it to your county Sherriff's office or state attorney general. What will happen? If found guilty they will be fined

  • 2 years ago

    You don't say what city you live in.

    What is illegal about it? How did you decide that his shop was illegal? Generally speaking, "the city" doesn't enforce laws. So I'm not sure what your calling the city for. The most they can do is check to see if he has a business license.

    If he's running an illegal operation, like let's say he's selling stolen cars. Then you would report that to the police. However, that doesn't help you with your problem.

    You can sue him in small claims court.


    Just because the guys running the shop out of his house, that doesn't make it illegal. There's no law against having a home business.

    There might be local zoning laws. The city might have an enforcement officer for zoning laws. But that's about it.

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