How do colleges know if you are first generation college student?

Hello, I am a first generation college student but I am just curious. How does the schools a person applies to know whether or not their parents attended college? People have said that if the school finds out you lied, they could decline your application or expel you from the school. However, I am still curious on how they know, or if they actually know.

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    Some applications include a place for you to list where your parents went to college. Students whose parents went to college are more likely to understand the importance of that college degree and more likely to finish college. If you are thinking about lying on your application, do NOT do it. If they find out, it may be grounds for dismissal.

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    Typically, in most of the world, the colleges neither know, nor care whether or not an applicant's parents attended college.

  • DON W
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    2 years ago

    They only know if you tell them, or if one of the people who write you a reference (such as one of your teachers) mentions it. No, they don't routinely double-check, but as with everything else on your application, if you lie that is grounds to toss you out.

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