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is he trying to trapp me or what?

I have been dating this guy for a month now. He told me he loves me after two weeks. I got really upset and asked why would he say that so fast. He said that's how he felt and that it was at first sight. I agrred to continue seeing him after he promised he would take it slowly. he started planning vacations for us, and even a future ... One time we were having sex, I was a bit drunk and I realized he didn't use any protection in the morning! I freaked out and I was really upset. He said he was sorry and that he forgot. Idk what's he's problem, he treats me well, respects me and everything but sometimes he freaks me out, what should i do?

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    It's hard to figure out this guy based on what has been said.

    He might just be a F**king idiot. The signs are there... speaking of "love" way too fast, not using protection... look, it's a not a crime for someone to be a total idiot, and you could certainly do worse than be with an idiot. Plenty of men are honest idiots. It's a step up from a scumbag.

    I don't think this person is trying to trap you in any way. It just simply sounds like he is deficient in the brain cell department.

    YOU... you should endeavor to be a smart human being, because that will serve you well. Romance is tough. It is. It's really really tough, far harder than movies would have us believe. I would encourage you to be smart, to be thoughtful and objective when possible about your choices in life.

    Feel free to engage in romance with idiots. The world is full of beautiful idiots. But if you are smart, you will expect the same from anyone that you take seriously.

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    He is looking for a long term relationship and possible marriage and you don't want that so tell him he is planning too far in the future and you will take each day as it comes and you like him but at the moment you are not in love with him - basically he is looking for someone to love him and want him because he feels insecure. Good Luck

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