how do you calculate the moles of I- when the concentration is .010MKI and the volume is 10 mL?

I understand how to find the moles of KI itself but I dont know how to find the moles of just I-, like it is required me to do so. Please explain.. and will the same process be used with H+ and BrO3??

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  • 2 years ago

    Moles of I- ......

    It's the same. Since KI ionizes completely upon dissolving, you will have the same number of I- ions as you do formula units of KI.

    KI(s) --> K+ + I-

    0.01M ......... 0.01M

    Remember, the subscripts in a chemical formula tell you the number of moles of that atom or ion in 1 mole of the compound.

    K2SO4(s) --> 2K+ + SO4^2-

    0.01M ........ 0.02M... 0.01M

    Fe(C2H3O2)3(s) --> Fe3+ + 3C2H3O2^-

    0.01M .................... 0.01M.......0.03M

  • 2 years ago

    .010MKI? do you mean

    0.010 molar solution KI

    0.010 mole per Liter

    0.010 mole per Liter x 0.01 L = 0.0001 mole

    KI molar mass is 39.1 + 126.9 = 166.0 g/mole, and one mole has 126.9 g/mole of I

    126.9 g/mole of I x 0.0001 mole = 0.01269 g of I

  • KennyB
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    2 years ago

    KI --> K+ + I-

    There is one mole of I- for every mole of KI. (When it dissociates, it goes completely to K+ and I-.)

    Hence 0.010 L * 0.010 moles/L gives 0.001 moles

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