i dont understand anymore..lost?

i am 26 years old and i fell in love with my boyfriend and been in a relationship for almost 6 months now since the day we knew eachother we talk everyday for hours and meet 3 to 4 times a week.. i got used to him and to the way he cares about me that it is drives me crazy because nowadays i feel changes.. i cant be myself when he doesnt call me or put me first as usual i cant take it if he talks with another girls i want to be his only like he is my only.. hes the only person i talk to..i dont really have friends i dont know what happened with the people i called my friends i just suddenly found them out of my life and we barely call eachother but him, he have alot of friends and i cant put up with that..its really killing me more when i see myself like this.. i see myself so low and the circumstances i am living i have alot of problems in my life and hes the only reason i have faith that god like he gave me him he will let me pass all the testimonies but those days are being hard on me.. my problem is i dont want to change how i treat him because thats the most thing he loves about me that am kind and loving and forgiving and im always like that..i am so sure he will hate me if i changed to being cold because if i get cold to him am sure i will hate him too because he will make me be something am not..

i really need help with what to do

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  • 2 years ago

    I had the same problem with my guy I was seeing. The communicating was less... But this is normal! As you get more comfortable and not in the intense beginning stages the communication is less. But men show interest through actions not words. They don't care for texts or calls. Of he's hanging with you or making effort that is what matters. Please be patient. Call your friends, don't make him your one and only. Go out, have fun without him. You need to do things without him or he'll think you're "clingy". Just focus on you... Know your worth and the relationship should progress. Just be calm. I wish I had someone tell me that

  • 2 years ago

    You have developed an unhealthy co dependence on him

    you are making him your whole world, while he is whole on his own, and so should you be

    that way you both bring a balance to the relationship

    Common sense tells you he HAS to speak to other people, he has to have other friends and outside interests.

    You are running the risk of becoming so dependent he will feel suffocated and you will be left with nothing.

    You can still be kind and loving, without strangling him and the relationship

    you seem to be extreme in everything, you don't have to suddenly be cold. There is a healthy equilibrium that most couples seem to manage, most of the time.

    You just need to find yours, you need friends and hobbies, so you aren't sitting waiting on him calling, you need a life of your own as well as one with him

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