So since Thursday night my big toe has been hurting, I think I might have hit it on the door but I don’t remember, it is kinda purple and the skin on my right big toe on the left side by the nail is hard and hurts to touch, when I bend by do it’s kind right / numb, what could be wrong?

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  • 2 years ago

    Hi ?,

    the discoloration is to indicate "disruption" of normal use. if you "stub" your toe, try this modality. before bedtime, apply an ice pack for 13 minutes, remove ice pack for the 12 minutes, reapply ice pack for another 13 minutes, etc. 'til ice melts. the purpose of this modality is "to reduce pain /swelling" in area.

    Upon waking, if pain persists. visit your local emergency /urgent care facility for proper diagnosis, and follow-up care.

    Otherwise. Keep on truckin'....& good luck in the future!!

    Source(s): Biomechanist: Anatomy; Biology; Athletic Training; Physiology; Motor Development; Kinsiology; Psychology; Exercise Science; EMT skilled.
  • 2 years ago

    It maybe gout. Ask a doctor to look for that!

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