Gay boyfriend may have a sugar ddy?

Hey guys I’m really reaching out right now please keep that snarky comments to a minimum and the BS at the door. I met this guy on an online dating app about a year ago. we would talk off and on but we never actually met up until about a month ago. So skipping to the juicy t he’s a really attractive dark skin boy in his early 20 living with a eh not bad but idk older ( not racist at all) but an older white guy in his early mid 30s so first I was like okay well it’s a roommate right? But then idk we got into a fight because one day I walked in on his roommate “ hugging “ him but his hands were literally on his *** during this hug that’s

He doesn’t pay rent

The guy pays for him and gives him money


But when I’m Around they don’t do anything

My boyfriend talks to me 24/7 idk

But we do live 40 mins away so we don’t see each other everyday??

I’m so into this boy it’s driving me nuts to think this or am I Righttt?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I mean if it bothers you that bad you don't have to talk to him anymore, but I know you're really into this guy, and I know how it is. Trust me. It's like, you just want HIM. That's all you can think about.

    All I can say is, if you want to keep seeing him, by all means do it. But if it hurts to know that he is loving another man who isn't you, the best thing to do is find another and move along. Find someone who is perfectly invested in you, who won't make you be asking silly questions like this on Yahoo!

    if you, however, choose to keep seeing this guy, I wish you the best of luck.

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