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Aggravation and Pain for nothing, why do people do that to themselves over food ?

The only thing that I am understanding, or caring about, when the origins of our most popular and common staple foods is discussed, is the fact that Humans have been around for around 2 to 5 million years, and farming and agriculture has been around since the last of the stoneage period..

And we have had a hell of lot of time on our hands to make and invent and reinvent, and reinvent and mature, and refine, and reinvent some more..

the foods that we eat...

People have spread around the world, the weak get conquered and replaced...

Its not our job to disappear...

Now shut the f)uck up, pick up the f)ucking fork and eat.

That's all I'm understanding or caring about.

Because there is no way possible that we're going to know or care about the origins of everything we eat.

All it is, is f)ucking aggravating, painful, and useless.

Right now... even just listening to the bullshi!t about where our f)ucking food originated in antiquity..

Caused me to get a f)ucking headache.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    It gave me a headache to read this weird rant about I'm not sure what.

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