How can I calm my girlfriend down ?

My girlfriends kitten ran up a tree was in it all day yesterday finally came back down around 7 or 8 last night either he got something in his eye from the tree or another cat attacked him luckily he's gonna be ok but they had too remove his eye. She's so upset she got that kitten from one of her neighbors at the river next time she goes she doesn't know what she's gonna tell them she was wanting it so bad she said she take care of it she's blaming herself I keep telling her it's not her fault she didn't know it would get attacked or chased up a tree. She keeps crying telling me how sorry she is. She said she can't sleep she just wants to cry all night. How can I calm her down ? What should I say to her ?

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  • reme_1
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    2 years ago
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    Let her cry. She is responsible for her cat. It will take some time for her to calm down. I'm glad the cat will survive.

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