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In platos allegory of the cave are the ideas he discusses still influencing contemporary society? In what way?

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    The shadows on the cave have been replaced by the media, yahoo, facebook and googol.

  • Alesha
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    You can read Arthur Herman's book of the same title just as well as the rest of us. For any society to grow you need to think outside the envelope as the saying goes, which is exactly what that allegory is saying.

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    That is not a bad place to start if you want to explore around in your own cave for awhile. People have been doing it for a long time Go ahead and give it a try. You will be amazed at how pertinent they were back then and how pertinent they are today.

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    2 years ago

    Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and Modern Society

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  • 2 years ago

    Plato's Allegory of the Cave - It's Importance in Today's World

  • 2 years ago

    The “Allegory of the Cave’s” Influence on 21st Century Media

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    of course

    more ways then we can comprehend

  • The ideas he described have been influences ever since humans became self aware. Science itself is the act of trying to look outside of the cave.

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    "...still influencing contemporary society" ?^

    In a negative way.

    Philosophy courses teaching the origins of western Philosophy hope to show that the ACTUAL origin of Philosophy was

    in that time & so with particular relevance to Plato's stories.

    It has put-a-brake-on what we can discover for ourselves, anew so to speak.

    Females were excluded from much of education from those times; more so the slaves or the "outsiders".

    So when societies like our western one puts in place discrimination helps -for whomever- this is a sure sign

    that that society has a problem - a problem with the exclusion of numbers of disadvantaged people who may

    already be citizens or not.

    So that's a problem to solve for western society and unfortunately if we look to the tradition of Plato and the

    ancient scholars & philosophers we find that they were not able to inform our contemporary society about

    exactly how to solve this modern problem of ours.

    Plato and all may have been aware of their own problems of exclusion of females & of slaves but they

    obviously didn't think that this either was solvable or important.

    They put more & more of their faith & their learning abilities into science and mathematics....

    And I contend this was the wrong thing to do, not least because when we study & do philosophy

    first-&-foremost we must be prepared to have & to hold our view of the PRESENT well within-

    our-grasp so to speak. We should "have-our-eye-on-it" so to speak.

    And then we can use the HISTORICAL problems so encountered in philosophy -& western

    Philosophy in particular- to discover new facts & new questions above the old problems.

    Whether the same as our problem's now or not.

    We know that behaviour is a vital key of human actions. Probably the vital one.

    Plato may not have known this...although if he did he would have had to have

    understood some critical risks & some objective limitations.

    Limitations like positing a myth of his own people in a cave...becoming afraid

    of sceptical of their future.

    And of course Plato was never afraid of the future, or so he liked us believe.

    Slowly & surely in his story telling behaviour he was adjusting "reality" to

    FIT the facts, to enable others to see the risk, so to speak. But unfortunately

    for him there were a sizable number of people who COULD NOT BE convinced,

    ….like those unfortunates like women, girls, AND foreign slaves WHO COULD

    NOT read-or-write in Plato's new way - and who therefore were IMMUNE to his

    well described blackmail.

    And so speaking of the objective Insistence that we must always try & try again to

    understand the PRESENT is it not only me who finds real & objective PARALLEL

    with this version on Plato's cave-influence and what is happening right now all over

    our present world ?

    I refer of course to the fact that present female rights, or sexism, and lately the pressure

    forced upon many many western countries with the foreign refugees & immigrants, and all.

    Can you not see the direct parallel with what happened in Ancient Greece ?

    And for those that can this can only be "good" if we could then go on to suggest,

    pointedly stressing & outlining some further answers to these pressing problems.

    And hopefully some of my previous are similar to other ones that could work.

    Nonetheless, we have the sure descriptions from ancient Greeks with the facts of

    history- that the so-called great culture and great education and great scientific

    knowledge advances by the Ancient educators did NOT STOP THEIR whole

    way of life - their "Great culture" from disintergrating. We know this. And we can

    still learn from the Greeks mistakes as long as we immerse ourselves in our

    objective critical work, where we can MAKE THEIR MISTAKES OURS.

    Where we learn from (their &) our mistakes, (doing better objective Philosophy

    along the way).^


    Source(s): ^ see also my Question, " Why is Platonism immune from criticism (seemingly)?"
  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    "The Truman Show;" "The Matrix;" "The Giver."

    However, these seem to miss the idea that while materialism and social conditioning at the Eikasia level may be the basic level of human awareness, there are further levels of realization (Pistis, Dianoia, and Noesis)

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