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Why does she not let me know?

I text my friend to let me know things that happen in her life. For instance, I told her to let me know when she hears from colleges that she applied to, but she does not let me know. I told her to let me know where she end up going, but again she does not let me know unless I text her first. Why does she not let me me?

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    There are multiple possibilities. Based on the information you have provided so far, I am assuming that she is not or does not want to remain a close friend to you. That does not necessarily mean that she does not like you as a friend. She might not have any interest in maintaining the friendship. But there is no need to feel disappointed or sad, it's a part of life. People move on to the next stage of their life and find new friends.

    I have the same experience as you. Most of the time I initiate contact with my friends to hang out, and I inquire about their life. I would not consider them as close friends in this regard. I have not been in contact with some friends whom I met 3 years ago, but I made new friends from that time to today.

    Do you care a lot about your friend? How many years of memories have you two shared so far?

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    Because you are too nosy, it is nothing to do with you at all, keep your nose out of her business..

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    She doesn't have to. Just because you want to doesn't mean she has to.

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    it's none of your business that's why

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