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Social anxiety! What should i do about this particular situation?

So i have this very close friend that i’ve been friends with for almost five years. About three years ago, I developed social anxiety and it began to ruin my social life. Recently, we’ve gotten back in contact and she wants to start coming over and hanging out sometime. Every time she asks if she can come over I make up an excuse as to why she shouldn’t. Any time she facetimes me, I ignore her because I get too anxious to talk. She asked to come over yesterday and I ignored her message. I can’t just keep saying no and making up excuses. I don’t want to humiliate myself in front of her. My anxiety will probably get too bad and i’ll start stuttering or mumbling and then she’ll think i’m crazy. I feel really bad about ignoring her, idk what to do. I don’t think our friendship will last much longer if i keep this up. :(

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    You are right - it won't. You've either got to tell her the truth about your anxiety or go to the doctor and get medication for it......or both. Your fear is of fear itself and it's turning into a phobia because you aren't getting help for it. See a doctor.

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