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I was watching "We Were Soldiers," with Mel Gibson which is based on a true story and I noticed in the film that Hal Moore played Gibson who was a colonel go into a war zone with a star on his helmet and fighting the enemy wearing the helmet while the soldiers under his command didn't have a star on their helmet. If a commanding officer went into the battlefield with a star on his helmet wouldn't that make him stand out among his men and put him in danger?

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  • 2 years ago
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    Yes it would.

    And there is nothing snipers like more then picking off officers. That's why in combat officers often don't display their ranks. Or wear it painted in a color that doesn't reflect light and doesn't stand out so much.

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    2 years ago

    At the time of The Battle of The Ia Drang Valley Harold G. Moore was a Lieutenant Colonel the rank insingia was a Silver Oakleaf. Yes the glare from a metal would possibly compromise his location. Often during that War Officer's had a subuded rank insingia on their helmet which was Black in Color also on their collar/lapel was rank insingia in cloth or metal with subuded colors or not.

    Edit: Below is Harold G. Moore as a Major General notice the rank insignia on his collar and helmet.

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