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If a kid is adopted do they have personality genes from their biological parents or does personality come from environment only?


By personality genes I mean like if the birthparent is real loud then is the kid. If the birthparent is sensitive then is the kid. If the birthparent is very private then is the kid. This being if the adopted parents don't happen to be the same way.

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    I think personality can be influenced by both genetics and environment.

    For example: my 17 year old son has my sense of humor. He has lived primarily with me for the last 15 years (I adopted him when he was two) and we both have silly senses of humor and we tend to like the same types of jokes, movies, etc.

    However, he is prone to other personality traits that do not come from my family. Those were clearly biologically inherited.

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    Genes of any sorts come from their parents and nothing else. There are no "Personality" Genes

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