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I have trouble talking and i feel digusting?

Whenever i go outside or talk to anyone i always feel gross because i feel people will judge me. I feel like i cant talk and like i'm dirty even if i took a shower that morning. it feels like i have something in my throat that is preventing me from talking. My hands start sweating which makes me feel even more gross. How do I get rid of this feeling? I have been to a therapist and have been on 2 different medications for anxiety which were lexapro and zoloft. I am going to high school this year and its going to be hard for me because all my best friends are from elementary school because those years were the best and easiest for me and i am going to be separated from them. In grade 6 i went through a traumatic event and ever since then i haven't been the same. So its going to be hard for me to make new friends. I also have to ride the bus this year which scares me. How can i be confident and make it easy to socialize? Am i hydrated enough or should i exercise more?

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  • i think you are self conscious and it makes you too aware of yourself, a psychologist could help you.

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    You need marijuana.

  • 2 years ago

    You might have something in there, get an x-ray done, and try again. That feeling is known as the "fright or flight." response. Because it's the body's way of telling you to get nervous, so you can be say something whether its correct or justified or wrong. And we don't know a whole lot about anything. I wonder, you might be the only one who gets nervous. NOT! Social anxiety? Panic attack, check and check. No and no. And no. Step out...!!! Love yourself! And party on.

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