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Is it time to change therapists?

I have been with the same therapist for over a year and have definitely made progress under her. However, in my current, more stable state, I feel that she is entirely too uncritical and unquestioning of me, and I don't think it is helpful. She tends to accept everything I say--every idea, opinion, plan I have is a good one and I should go for it. This could be because I actually am in a good place and am thinking clearly and am, in fact, making sound good plans. However, it would benefit me to have somebody who at least questions and plays devil's advocate, and tries to ensure that I'm really making the right decision. Should I start looking for other therapists who may be better about this?

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  • 2 years ago

    I think you should bring up these exact concerns to your current therapist. She should be aware of this thinking,

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