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Is this weird from me? What do you think about it?

I'm a young man and i always loved to wear black pantyhose (sheer or opaque) when i'm at home, under jeans or under shorts or under pajamas. The funny thing is that i'm not gay, i'm not bisexual, i'm not a transvestite and i don't want to change sex, i like my body, i like to be a man, i'm heterosexual and i really love women, but i love wear pantyhose, i don't know why, but i like it, i love women that wear sheer pantyhose, i think they are sexy and exciting, i would like to have sex with a woman when i wear sheer black pantyhose and she wears sheer black stockings with garters! I always have this sexual fantasy! Maybe when i wear pantyhose in my mind i feel sexy and transgressive, maybe it's just a fetish, i don't know. I repeat, i'm not a transvestite, i never considered myself a transvestite. I just love pantyhose. Are you just like me? Is this normal or weird?

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    Hanes has a brand of underwear that does the same thing as your pantyhose. You get the same "hugging" feel with them and they're are for men. So you get that feel without feeling weird.

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