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how many have smoked mj during their pregnancy and how harder was it to stop beginners to pros?

I have been smoking daily. im not an intense smoking bongs and having parties type, but I do have an L or two daily. I really think its a bad addiction but its the only thing that helps me with nausea. Idc who judges me because Alot do it and as each its own. Just would like to know how did u stop the habit and urge to smoke? keep saying im going to but don't know how to start and really want to. almost 6 mos preg.

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    You've already done the damage to the child. Smoking while pregnant leads to mental issues in the child, including impaired IQ and learning disorders. Talk to your doctor. You may want to find out what will be involved in raising a disabled child. And, given that you're an addict who plainly doesn't care about the child, talk to an adoption agency. Some specialize in babies that are born addicted. They can find the child a home with parents who actually care about it who have the means to try and mediate the damage you've inflicted.

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    millions, just dont mix it with drinks

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