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Is this legal for my boss to do?

I was hired full time for a job. Our departments are labled by letters. I work in (A) department . I had a coworker who worked in (B) department. My coworker from (B) department was struggling and asked to switch departments. So, my boss put me in (B) department and my coworker moved to (A) department. I’ve been struggling as well in (B) department it’s a very stressful department.

Yesterday my boss told me another worker in our company who has been there 3 years needed to take my job in my department because my hours were 7AM - 3PM and the girls father had cancer and she needed those hours to accommodate time with her father.

Because of this, she would now have to move me to (E) department. I was fine with this until she told me that they would now not be able to keep me full time in the other department. I was hired full time. Is this legal?? I feel like this might be discriminatory.

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    This isn't discrimination. Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people on the grounds of race, age, or gender. Nothing in your post suggests you are being targeted or mistreated based on a protected class. What you describe could be a breach of contract.

    You need to look at the employment contract you signed and your offer letter. If you were hired into a salaried position that states it is full-time, exempt, and the salary -- you may have a case. If you were hired as an hourly worker, your employer has every right to change the number of hours you work each pay period.

    Your options would include:

    1. Ask to speak with your manager and the HR manager. See if there is an option for you to maintain 40-hours per week.

    2, Contact an employment lawyer and discuss your situation with them.

    3. Start applying for another job somewhere else.

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    of course its legal. the only thing not legal is discrimination on race sex etc anda handful of other items, scheduling is not illegal, and nether are not required to give you any amount of hours unless you have a contract.

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    New hires, (or old employees) can be put on full time, they can be put on part time, they can ALSO lose their jobs!

    No matter how happy your are in a company, no matter if you're giving them 120% of your time, no matter who your boss is, no matter what company you work for, no matter, if you have a good supervisor, no matter if you like the view of your office, THEY CAN DO THAT! This is corporate AMERICA.

    Source(s): For 5 decades, I've been the Jackie of all trades, in any small or large companies USA. My son, his wife, including me ALL STARTED our own companies, and it's now 8-15 years.
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    There is such a thing as wrongful termination, but rescheduling you

    as necessary is your boss’s prerogative.

    To give you one example of Wrongful Termination, a man is let go from a job

    he worked decades at and was about

    to collect his retirement benefits for. By being terminated early, he doesn’t get it, and the sole reason for his dismissal was to avoid paying his benefits.

    That’s a crime.

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