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Who would want to put their bodies on the line day in & day out for a handshake & hot dog?

Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks admitted himself that the only reason he was breaking his body in Ring of Honor was to get noticed by World Wrestling Entertainment so he wouldn't have to do such anymore to get a paycheck.

Pencil neck geeks don't seem to acknowledge how little non-WWE promotions do for the talent they have under contract take the TNA & Daffney situation.

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    People that want to get noticed by WWE. You have to start somewhere. Unless you're a big name, you pretty much have to deal with low pay, hot dog, or handshake. Once they get in WWE they don't have to beat their bodies up so bad. Take a look at Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan's early matches are different from his current matches. Now, he doesn't headbutt his opponents until they bleed. He doesn't bleed the hard way either. The main reason he had to retire was because of the concussions he suffered from early on in his career. They just continued to add up. Luckily for him, he got to come out of retirement.

    For as much criticism the WWE receives from haters, they do a lot of good for their employees and former employees. They cover in-ring injuries. If talent wants to get a degree or wants to learn a new language, they cover it. They paid for Eugene's surgery even though he wasn't signed with them at the time. If an employee or former employee needs rehab, they cover it at no cost. For a company that gets vilified so much, they sure do some good.

    What TNA did to Daffney was downright disgusting.

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    You gotta start somewhere to get anywhere -- and it's the reason why young talent now place a massive premium on getting into WWE's performance center ASAP.

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