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Besides "-ette","-ine" and "-ina", what suffixes are commonly used for proper names (first names) to denote a feminine form?

Hi. I am working on a project. I am trying to find a list of suffixes that are commonly added to the end of first names to denote a feminine form, but I'm not really finding a list online anywhere. I can't find an online dictionary or thesaurus that lists these feminine suffixes as entries collectively either.

I know "-ette","-ine" and "-ina" are commonly added to first names to denote a feminine form (i.e., Bernadette, Maxine, and Adamina, respectively), but these are the only suffixes I can think of.

Please help- thank you.

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    ella, as in Daniella,

    elle, as in Danielle,

    a as in Alana, Alexa, Donna

    ie, as in jimmie (versus jimmy for a guy) or Randie versus Randy for a guy

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