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How do having sex with a girl you are in love feels like ?

So im a virgin never got laid before in my life. Im 22 I had a huge crush on this girl i liked in high school i knew she like me too she would always smile at me she even asked if i got laid before I say no but im pretty sure she did before though. I never took the chance to have sex for the 1st time i was to scared and I was dumb that I never really try now that Im 22 staying at home doing nothing i highly regret not taking the chance. No girls really likes me besides her. I always get rejected I cant really find a new girl now that im just staying home. If I can go back in time I would of did it now im going to be all alone & die a virgin.

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    Like heaven

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    Thats like asking WHAT DOES CHOCOLATE TASE LIKE and expecting words to let you know.

    SEX with or without Love is great if you know what you are doing.

    Playing, Touching and Teasing a female body until she screams and shakes is a pleasure,

    without having ACTUAL SEX.

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