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Cloudy Aquarium?

I bought a 5 gallon aquarium with a built in filter because I want to have a Betta. I added gravel, 4 fake plants and a ceramic stone for him to hide in. Everything was washed well before it was added to the aquarium. I DO NOT have the Betta yet. My question/problem is that the aquarium is cloudy. I have not added any chemicals and I filled the aquarium with distilled water. A week ago it got cloudy so I did a water change and replaced 4.5 gallons of water and it was crystal clear again. That was last Sunday. The aquarium is now cloudy again. It is in a room where the blinds stay closed. The sun does shine on the aquarium. And again, I haven t even added a fish yet. So I m confused and need some advice. I know new aquariums can be cloudy because they have to cycle, but I thought that was after you add fish or chemicals...this aquarium just gets cloudier every day without fish and chemicals. Thank you for your time.

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    The gravel can have grit in it did you rinse it before adding it?

    Or maybe a healthy algea bloom has started.

    You need to use tap water with a dechlorinator. Distilled water is stripped of oxygen and nutrians that your fish needs.

    Keep the filter on, do weekly 25% water changes, never remove the fish, and dont changemore then 30-40% of the water at a time.

    It will clear up eventually

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    1. Don't use distilled water

    2. Cloudy is normal at first, it takes six weeks for a tank to "cycle" the tank may be cloudy twice during that period.

    3. There's a couple ways to cycle a tank, some with no fish, some with a fish.

    4. Bacteria are everywhere, on every surface, in the air, on you, everywhere. You are actually waiting for some of them to colonize your tank and filter. This biology will help keep the tank healthy in the future, ,,,but, ,,

    5. Right now, bacteria will cloud the water. It will go away as long as you put very little food in the tank the first month and a half, maybe feed twice a week,

    and change 30% of the water using a gravel siphon cleaner.

    6. New water should be the same temperature and treated with Prime water conditioner before it goes in the tank, or use spring water and a tiny bit of Prime.

    The only difference about cycling with fish would be the fish, otherwise it's about the same, and cloudiness is normal. Next time it goes cloudy, ignore it.

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    Aquariums need about 30 days for the PH balances to settle which is why your seeing the cloudiness. Let the aquarium run for 30 days and let the water settle before putting in your beta.

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