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Did you know that the United States "Revolution" was actually a counter-revolution?

The real revolution that was going on was anti-slavery. Parts of Britain were banning slavery already and the British colonialists were afraid of having their slaves taken.

Americans are so stupid they think that their ancestors overthrew British rule for... tea. LOL

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    That is how the Northern colonies convinced the South to band together rather than go it alone. It worked, but it also prolonged slavery for another 80 years.

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    2 years ago

    More revisionist history, although we do view the war differently, you are not even close as to why.

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    So all those black people fought in the American revolution so they cud "continue to be slaves"?

    Not to mention the thousands who later fought in the Southern army, also to retain their slavery status?

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    I can find no historical evidence of this. Yes, the British empire banned slavery in 1833, but that's over 56 years after the American Revolution began

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    2 years ago

    I know that you're a fvcking idiot

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