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Do guys notice stomach/back hair on a girl?

So you all know how it's summer and everyone is wearing bikinis and crop tops? I wanna wear a bikini (not to act conceded) but I have a nice body and I want to show it off, but all the hair on my stomach/back makes it hard. All the women in my family are hairy but none of them have as much hair on their stomachs as I do and it's kind of embarrassing. I'm 18, headed to college, wanna have a good summer and wear crops tops and have fun but the hair makes it so hard. Do guys notice or care? Is it a turn off

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    As a guy ........ NOW WAIT A MINUTE ! Your avatar is a picture of a Blonde ........ Blonde hairs not bad. Dark hair is very apparent. So IMHO blonde would go without notice.

    You know what really BUGS me ? I mean once the thought occurs, I can't think of anything else ?

    Girls who always wear long pants. Once the image of their legs may be as hairy as mine, I JUST HAVE TO KNOW. A "comfortable" girl if I am allowed, I will reach over and lift the pant leg to see. OR even ask to see. It must be done or I just can not concentrate.

    Added bit of wisdom :

    Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff.

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    Sure they do, depending on how much is there, and the color of it.

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