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Question about homeless shelter issues?

I am a 26 year old female, weigh more than 240 pounds and i'm a few inches short of being 6'0. My dilemma is, that i'm at a homeless shelter since may 18. Each and every day I am forced to get into a middle or top bunk, even though I am unable to climb up at ALL. there's one security guard who has an issue with me.. I didn't even know her when I first came and she refused to open my locker and insulted me and made comments. Now last week, she told me she gave me a middle bunk last week and I got into it (I NEVER did) and she said I need to get into a middle last week. Even though I was given a bottom by administration themselves because I AM PLUS SIZE. Then, I explain to her I am unable to get in . Then she called MALE SECURITY saying she needs assistance getting me into the MIDDLE BUNK? If she didn't help me into my locker how would she help me get out? I begged to be let to sleep on the floor and REFUSED. I begged her to let me go out on the streets and REFUSED. Then she told other security that I refused the bed I was given that's why I'm coming down. She gave all th other plus size women matresses but me. She was there again yesterday and she gave me a mattress for the floor and said "today is your last day.. tomorrow you're getting in a bed"

What's she gonna do? She's here today and obviously not gonna let me in a bottom. And she might do something bad. Should I go out on my own before they don't let me out? Also, I been eating expired food here everyday since 2 months

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    How many times are you going to ask this question?

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    Whatever, troll.

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    how about going and getting a job, saving your money for your pwn place? You're eating food that YOU aren't paying for. You know the adage about beggars not being choosers?

    Yep. Something like that.

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