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When will people finally realize Socialism is better than Capitalism?

Socialism creates lots of middle and upper working class people. Capitalism creates a small number of very wealthy people and a massive number of poor.


Cuba, N. Korea, and the Soviet Union are not Socialist. They are what is called 'Control Economies' run by dictators pretending to be communists.

Socialism has been very successful in Scandinavia, Germany, and Italy.

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    We haven't been allowed to have a serious discussion about socialism in the United States ever since the Red Scare. Americans forget that there was a time in their history where being a socialist or a communist was literally against the law and could land you in prison.

    Europe never had this problem. Socialism is allowed to be discussed and are taken a lot more seriously. Someone like Bernie Sanders is right-wing in some European countries.

    In Italy, you can take out all of your unemployment benefits in one lump-sum as long as you pledge it to starting your own business that has to be a worker cooperative. In Germany, they have a law that if your company has over 2,000 employees, at least 1/3rd of its board of directors has to be elected by the workers. There's also Jeremy Corbyn's "right to work" proposal in the UK which would allow workers to transition existing businesses to worker cooperatives under certain conditions.

    These concepts are completely alien to people in the America.

  • John
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    2 years ago

    Socialism kills murders and impoverishes

    It's why True Socialism always fails,

    'True Socialism' has been tried over and over, from the Russian Revolution, to Cuba, Zimbabwe, Venezuela to extreme 'True Socialism of Mao and his cultural revolution. 70 million people dies due to 'True Socialism.

    Remarkably since China dumped Socialism and took up Capitalism in 1979 the Chinese have become rich?

    Capitalism always works, Socialism doesn't and has no redeeming features,

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    2 years ago

    I posted a similar question on this category to do with income inequality. I say you make a very good point. There is a huge difference in wealth between the rich and poor. My family is on the wealthy side, but I live in an area with lot of crime and my friends are mostly low income earners. I find it hard to be around them, because many times they talk about money and not having enough of it. It gets very awkward for me. In the UK, people live off benefits if they don’t have a job. I would much rather live in a socialist country like Finland, Norway, Denmark or Iceland. I wouldn’t have to about that kind of stuff.

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    It is none of your business

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    2 years ago

    Tell me, how can a system which is supposed to make all equally prosperous financially even have lower, middle and upper classes? Idiocy 101!

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    2 years ago

    You know this. Socialism means people are all equal,but poor. Capitalism means people are not equal,but rich.But you have an equal chance to get rich anytime. That's the good thing about it.

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    You are so right about that. Just look at all those middle and upper class people in the socialist countries.

    Cuba has such a great economy with so many middle and upper class members that people are risking their lives every day trying to make it out of the poverty of Florida and into Cuba on anything that floats.

    North Korea is being overrun with people from the south and elsewhere trying to get there to escape poverty and enjoy the high life found in the North.

    The Chinese standard of living is the envy of the world. Everyone there is middle class and above. No sweat shops, child labor, etc is ever found there.

    And Russia was so much better under socialism. The economy was so much stronger than it was in no danger of going bankrupt and collapsing.

    That is also why they need to build the wall in the US. To keep all those Americans from trying to flee the country to escape poverty It has such a horrible standard of living compared to the rest of the world.

    You are so right the socialism creates a growing and thriving middle and upper class for everyone.

    (Typed with tongue firmly planed in my cheek.)

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    You've got that mixed up. Capitalism creates income mobility and is the only system where someone can move from dirt poor to filthy rich. Socialism makes everyone equally poor, with the exception of the very few elite in government, who will do anything to maintain their affluent positions, including murder, regular violence, and general oppression of the populace.

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    Socialism is EVIL. The reason it is evil, is due to the fact it has killed MILLIONS upon MILLIONS. Socialism has NEVER worked.

    It steals everyone's property. It turns everyone except a very few into poor people. The few that aren't poor are always at the top of government.

    It does NOT create middle and upper class working people.

    It creates dead people, starving people.

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