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Why do liberals support the terrorist Palestine liberation organization?

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    The majority who do are racist. They hate jews and use that to push hatred about jews. Muslims do it because the Quran demands it. Hamas who is in charge of Palestine, have a charter for Palestine which specifically states to kill all jews and take over Israel. Why? The Quran. When the Muslims take Israel it is supposed to usher in a new era where ALLAH will come here and smite all the non believers. And the jews are a different religion that can't be tolerated.

    Liberals act on feelings and not reason or logic. And many of them are racist themselves. So they have aligned with Muslims, throwing women and gay people under the bus so to speak. They have done this because they don't see Islam as a bad religion. They have redefined meanings of words so that now critisizing Islam is the same as racism.

    So when anyone, including israelies, speak out against palestine, they are automatically a racist in a liberals eyes and as such evil.

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    I do? News to me.

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    In your opinion

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    Israel are the real terrorist. Palestinians have no army or weapons, they throw rocks and Israel is shooting HellFire missles from F16s, paid for by my tax dollars.

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    Why does Israel keep building settlements on land that's not theirs?

  • They don't

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    Why did Conservatives bankroll the IRA?

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