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What should I do if a restaurant worker or manager takes my order THEN surprises me saying they're doing to-go only AFTER THEY TOOK MY ORDER?

At a local pizza place, I placed my order for pizza and ordered a drink (planning on eating there that night) then sat down. A while after I ordered, the guy working there brought over my drink then says "you know we're doing to-go only, right?" and informed me that they're closing early due to slow business.

I didn't know that and dont know how I was supposed to already know they were doing to-go only. I feel that he should have told me that before i ordered food or even first thing when I walked in.

I'm not so much mad because they were doing to-go only but what I am mad about is that he took my order making it seem like table service was an option then just surprised me with "you know we're doing to-go only right?" when it was beyond the last minute.

What should I do when this kinda thing happens?

Or what would you do if someone did that to you in this scenario?

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    I would have said, "You have table service, right?'

    If the answer was something like "Yes, but not tonight because we are closing early," my answer would be, "I see no signs indicating that and you didn't inform me before I placed my order. I didn't come here for take out."

    I would leave at that point. I wouldn't give them the chance to change their mind and serve me. I would follow that up the next day with a call to the shop owner.

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    Either cancel the order or take it to go,and while I get your frustration, once you are told that you will not be able to dine in there is nothing you can do that will allow you to do so.

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  • indeed
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    2 years ago

    I would have simply said, I didn't know of the new policy, taken my food and found another place to eat. Home, a park, my car, whatever.

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