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Will Japan airlines cancel replace their subsonic planes with order of boom supersonic planes?

According to the article

Will Japan airlines cancel their boeing and Airbus widebody aircraft due to boom supersonic start up company

Will people stop using widebody aircraft like boeing and Airbus and narrowbody airplanes like boeing 737 airbus a320 due to supersonic electric planes

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    $10 million is a tiny investment for a billion-dollar company and wouldn't buy a single aircraft.

    We told you before, supersonic travel will be a niche market for the wealthy and will not take over mainstream air travel, and certainly not within the next 20 years.

    You can stop asking the same old tired questions. Go take your OCD / ADHD meds and calm down.

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    1- electric planes will never have the range for even medium continental routes. That is because batteries have, at most, 1/20 the energy density (watt per kg) that jet fuel has. On top of that, batteries do not get lighter when they are depleted

    2- Boom technology project is for a 55 seat airplane, with 4500 nm range. Japan Airline's smallest plane are 737-800 with 144 to 165 seats, but with a range and therefore operated on routes that are not compatible with supersonic flight, as the plane would not even really have time to reach cruising speed before needing to slow down for landing. Planes in JAL that have 4500 nm range are 250+ seats, which means that even flying on average twice as fast, 3 small supersonic planes would be required to substitute to one 767-300, and therefore 3 times as many pilots would be needed.

    3- Boom technology's aircraft, as presently pictured, is not a viable design, lacking any room for fuel. Not only that, but for supersonic aircraft with a large chord wing platform (like the Boom and the now retired Concorde) the fact that the center of pressure moves from 1/4 chord to 1/2 when going from subsonic to supersonic means that the center of gravity has to move by 1/4 of the which chord when reaching Mach 1. Concorde did that by having a fuel tank at the rear of the fuselage that was kept empty on takeoff and filled from fuel taken from the forward wing fuel tanks when reaching Mach 1. Boom has some kind of engine there.

    As far as I can see, the 'key people' at Boom lack the expertise and experience for supersonic development; more so, most of them lack real engineering training. I means, they are presently *looking* for a Principal Aerodynamic Engineer / CFD.

    Which means they do not have anyone yet to tell them their design makes no sense (or had but they got rid of them since they rather believe their dream that reality).

    Trust me, Boom does not presently have a valid design.

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    Anonymous troll too stupid to understand that no one is replacing for supersonic planes.

    AND the above plane does not exist, it a company to idiots to give them money, like Elio.

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    Future transportation troll strikes again. The aircraft saga continues...

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