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Why does that word cutting make me feel uncomfortable but the word cut is okay?

I'm a self harmer. I've been one since age 12 and I'm 17 now. I got caught at age 14 and had to do therapy. I hated it. Then a year later, both therapists decided to discharge me. I guess they gave up. I was cleaning for 6 months then relapsed, and now I can't last more than 30 days without harming myself. (I've been using both burning and cutting after my first relapse.)

Now that you know my story, I was wondering why do I feel really uncomfortable when I hear people use the word "cutting?" I feel fine when they say "cut" but when they add an "ing" then I feel uncomfortable.

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment, and the doctor, said, "So you used to cut yourself?" And I asked her not to use the C word because it makes me feel uncomfortable.

But why do I feel that way about the word?

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    Cut alone can refer to many things such as a cut of meat, cut a class, short-cut, and haircut. But adding the -ing at the end of the word makes a person think of the actual act using a knife.

  • its weird.

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    The reason you self harm is not totally known to me but it is the endorphins that are released that some can get addicted to and it sad to do this because exercise is the best way to overcome anxiety and if you run then after you hit the runners wall which is a condition in which your body reaches a state of ephoria and it could help you deal with stress and you can find other things to do instead like eating hot peppers for the rush of endorphins and it is much healthier than what you have been doing in the past.

    Once was in the grocery store and was getting some deep fried hot peppers and told the kids behind me that eating them are better than using drugs. All of a sudden all the kids behind me wanted hot peppers too. Have said for years that hugs are better than drugs.

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