How to become a harder worker?

I'm gonna be a soph in high school next yr, and I have big big dreams for myself, and this past school year, I was such a hard worker. now, in the summer though, I haven't been doing much.

I had a good frosh GPA and I'm doing a lot of activities and i wanna get into a legitimately good school.

How do you just get that motivation back and convince yourself to just go back into grind mode and get things done?

I'm gonna be taking a lot of hard classes next yr, so i just need away to unearth the work ethic that's already inside of me.

Like I said, its already inside me, I just need a way to get it out and start showing that work ethic again.

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  • 2 years ago

    I would assume the hardest workers are those who push themselves when no one is looking.

    Would you work hard if you were the only one on the planet?

    Think about it. Most would answer “no” then that means people(s) have something to do with your behaviour. The fear of being judged of being a poor performer or the fear of knowing that your not cut out to be as good as you hoped or the fear of missing out.

    So instead of letting fear conquer, you could find some other energy that can assist you to becoming a hard worker.

    How about being the best in whatever field you pursue. How hard would you work then? Would you still want to work hard when your the only one on this earth who is the best? Probably not.

    You cannot get rid of people, they will judge you and you cannot change the behaviour of most people cos frankly it’s out of your control. What you can do is look at hard working successful people and see who you’d prefer to model after. Integrate and understand what makes sense.

  • 2 years ago

    Work smarter, not harder.

    1/ get skilled in learning skills

    2/ Use motivation tools.

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