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What's a good Linux?

2- How to download a file from a CD step by step?

3- Can i put an old USB modem to Linux?

4-Where to develop C in Linux and than run it?

5- Does Linux have Bluetooth?

6- For what is bluetooth?

7- From Linux is it possible to access the Windows files?

8-What's a good browser for Windows? Other than IE, Firefox and Chrome?


Fast Billy. What's CP you put in the 2?

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    1) Ubuntu

    2) cp

    3) If you have drivers for it, or have enough information to write your own.

    4) Virtually all Linux distributions include a C compiler, write your source using a text editor and compile and run it from the termnial.

    5) If you install the drivers.

    6) Communicating with hardware via RF signals.

    7) Yes

    8) Opera, IceWeasel, Lynx

    Update: cp is the standard linux terminal command to copy files. Doesn't matter whether it's from a CD, hard-disk or static ram device.

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