Social media makes me feel anxious and depressed?

I am 26 and social media is an obsession/anxiety causer for me. It makes me want to buy things out of budget, it makes me waste countless hours looking at photos of strangers, or even worse snooping on my exes or my boyfriend's, old friends, etc. I'm watching other people buy houses, work out, and vacation while I sit on my couch. I not only waste my time to be productive, but I'm missing out on reality with my friends and family. Everyone brags and posts their highlight reel, editing photos to have the perfect clear skin and thin body.

When I don't look, I feel as if I get withdrawals like I would from missing coffee, it's like a never-ending cycle. Everyone uses it so I don't know if I would be strong enough to delete it entirely. I've been apart of social media world since MySpace and feel I don't know life when things were actually private and not overly shared.

Anyone else feel similarly?

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    2 years ago
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    Yes i know what you talking about. "seen" message gives me a lot of anxiety, although i dont text that much because i am kinda a loner. So i spend most of my time just surfing the web. But if you have friends dont just chat with them over the internet, you could invite them so you could hang out in real life. So make a break for a couple of days, i know it will be hard since you are as you say obsessed with the internet, but there is a real world outside you know. Try to forget that internet even exist for a day or two, and in the meantime find something else to do, it will help you to get your mind of the internet a little bit. It will be hard from start but at least try to get in contact with reality.. Good luck and relax..

  • 2 years ago

    Perhaps another hobby might help you feel

    Happier? Guitar, model cars, trains, drones

    Filmmaking piano pending finances.

    Very best wishes for your future


    Source:) Study.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    then become a lurker. don't reply don't like don't respond to anyones post and dont' post anything. that way you can still have your coffee.

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