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Always struggled with self-confidence in relationships?

I am 27 and from the moment I began dating at 15 I have significantly struggled with self-esteem. The really sad part is I don't really have any reason to be so insecure, I know I am pretty, I have a master's degree and make good money, and I am content with my body. The moment I get into a relationship I become OBSESSIVE with the girl/girls who were before me. I waste my time literally stalking these girls social media accounts, making myself feel horrible. I find old prom photos, kissing photos, vacation spots, restaurants and I can't handle what I'm seeing, information overload.

I either inflate these girls as if they are model/nymphos when they aren't or I become such a bully ripping these girls apart as if I'm better.... while I'm the loser stalking on my couch. I think because I'm looking so frequently, these girls are ALWAYS on my mind. I misinterpret things my boyfriend says or start an unrelated argument just because I'm mad at what I saw or that he had a love life before me.

What is even more bizarre is the moment the relationship ends, I could care less about that girl and actually see the situation more clearly. I really struggle with social media because it's human nature if something is there and no one will know, why wouldn't I look?


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    I just think some people just tryna make other people jealous because they feel better by doing that, but what you really should do, is just ignore things that you can't handle, that's how I fixed myself. Do things you like to do and have some selftime.

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