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Should i be mad?

My boyfriend and I were chatting but he is at work and he told me to wait him until he finishes his work

But when he was late i sent him a message and i was upset because he was playing an online game with his friends at work and i am waiting for him

Am i right to get mad?

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    He is a male . They are distracted by video games lol if he doesn’t yell at you for eating cookies in the bed , you shouldn’t be mad at him for getting distracted by a video game . Get my drift?

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    There's a difference between chatting and having a conversation with your significant other and playing video games. Video games aren't involved or require words/thoughts really - they're just mind-numbing competitive gadget distractions. Texting/chatting with you is probably very involved for him and requires more consentration and engagement. Games don't require as much attention as that lol.

    If it really bothers you, then consider how this will effect your relationship in the long-term when it comes to communication - if he can't or doesn't want to commuicate with you and would rather play nonsense games online, that could have trickle down negative effects in the future.

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    U should discuss with him first , n if he kept doing the same thing yes u should be mad

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