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Why has Trump failed to lock up Hillary?

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    2 years ago
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    What hasn't Trump failed at? The guy has gone bankrupt 6 times. During the campaign he'd rile up his crowds by chanting "Lock her up", "Build the wall", and "Drain the swamp" but has failed to deliver on any of them

  • Edwena
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    2 years ago

    According to experts of such things, the Hillary investigation is so screwed up that charges cannot be made. In particular, the comments by Comey killed the prosecution. Also, there are time limits which have run out plus the will to go through such a mess. Let's just hope she stays out of politics and disappears. Historically, any comeback she makes would be very bad for the rule of law. 3rd world.

  • 2 years ago

    Because we are still a nation of laws. We don't put our political enemies in jail. They have to be convicted of an actual crime like treason or criminal conspiracy.

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